EHDT Load Break Switch(1500V,400A,630A,800A 4P)

Aswich EHD DC load break switches are manually operated multipolar load break switches. They make and break under load conditions and provide optimum safety isolation for any PV circuit.

Product Benefits

Easy to install

  • Wiring: Since the switch is non-polarized, all types of wiring and connections are possible. 

  • Easy access without tools, and auxiliary contacts can be integrated without tools. 

  • The mechanical device can be centered to meet the installation requirements.

Safe reliable operation

  • Reliable position indication through visible contacts. 

  • The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent from the speed of operation, ensuring safe operation under all conditions. 

  • High temperature withstand: no derating up to 55 C(131F),functional from -40 to+122F(-40 to +50°C).

Designed for harsh environments

  • Vibration testing (from 13.2 to 100 Hz at 0.7 g). 

  • Choc testing (15 g during three cycles). 

  • Humid temperature testing (2 cycles, 55C/131F with 95% humidity level). 

  • Salt mist testing(3 cycles with humidity storage, 40C/104F, 93% humidity after each cycle).